Machine parameter:

worktable size1300*600mm
worktable load1100kg
XYZ axis travel1200*600*600mm
disatnce between spindle center and column guideway675mm
distance from spindle taper to worktable120-770mm
XYZ cutting feed speed1-6000mm/min
XY rapid movement36m/min
Z axis rapid movement30m/min
spindle speed50-12000rpm
spindle taperBT40-150mm
spindle servo motor power7.5/11kw
spindle workpiece coolant systemwater coolant and air
X axis guideway2 pcs heavy duty linear guideway 45mm
Y axis guideway4pcs heavy duty linear guideway 45mm,two rooler type,two ball type
Z axis guideway2pcs heavy duty linear guideway 55mm
X axis servo motor3kw
Y axis servo motor3kw
Z axis servo motor3kw
repeatable positioning accuracy300mm/±0.003mm
positioning accuracy300mm/±0.003mm
control systemFANUC0I-MF 5 PLUS
ATCarm type
tool positionBT40-24T
tool shank taperBT40
max tool diameter120mm
max tool length220mm
max tool weight5.5kg
tool changing time2 sec
lubrication systemcenter lubrication
air pressure0.6-0.8MPa
machine size3300*2600*2700
machine weight9300kg

Standard Machine:

1spindle air tool loose8Z axis organ cover
2hand air gun9foundation bolt and wedge
3automatic lubrication10coolant pump 270W
4LED red yellow green alarm light11rigid tapping
5electricla cabinet dust prevention12internet ,CF card,USB
624V worklight13electrical cabinet lock
7XY  guideway antirust steel cover14heat exchanger for electrical cabinet

Machine main parts and suppliers:

1control system1setFANUC
2spindle servo motor1 setFANUC
3spindle servo driver1 setFANUC
4X、 Y、 Z servo motorone set for each axisFANUC
5X、 Y、 Z  servo driverone set for each axisFANUC
6X、 Y、 Z axis ball screw bearing P4 class ball screw bearing1 for each oneJapan NSK
7X、 Y、 Z axis ball screw
4012 C2 class nut durable wearing type
1 for each oneTaiwan LEAD TEAM
8X、 Y axis roller type heavy type linear guideway
45mm slide carriage enlarge and widen
Z  axis roller type heavy duty linear guideway 55mm slide carriage enlarge and widen
1 set for each oneTAIWAN HIWIN
9spindle BT40-150mm1 setTaiwan KENTURN
10spindle coupe1 setTaiwan KENTURN
11cylinder for tool change 4.5T1 setTAIWAN (changzhou)brand
12locknut1 setTAIWAN LEADTEAM
13main pneumatic element1 setTAIWAN AIRTAC
14main electric component1 setFrance Schneider
15cutting liquid coolant1 setJIANYANG
16X、 Y  axis guideway cover 1 set for each axismade in China
17Z  axis organ cover1 setmade in China
18automatic lubrication pump1 setJapan HERG
19oil circuit monitor1 setJapan HERG
20electrical cabinet heat exchanger1 setShanghai Wenheng
21transformor1 setzhuojin
24conveyer1 setmade in china
25spindle oil chiller1 setshanghai wenheng
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