Industrial Drill Press

Industrial Drill Press

Industrial Drill Press


Robust and user-friendly –
Basics Drill Press for workshop and production operations

low-noise belt drive with balanced pulleys – low-maintenance and quiet operation
precision spindle bearing – long life and high accuracy
table control via hand crank and gear rack – robust with high load capacity
long quill stroke with easy to adjust depth stop at the capstan handle
thick-walled, precision-ground column for extra rigidity
powerful drive motor provides high reliability even at continuous loads
ground set-up areas on table and base plate
rotating work table with central clamping.

Industrial Drill PressIDP16IDP16VIDP25
drilling capacity16 mm16 mm25 mm
working area   
table set up area280×310 mm280×310 mm280×310 mm
foot set up area (length x width)245×245 mm245×245 mm245×245 mm
spindle nose-to-table distance (max.)375 mm375 mm425 mm
spindle nose-to-foot distance610 mm610 mm610 mm
throat180 mm180 mm180 mm
column diameter85 mm85 mm85 mm
speed range(6) 290 – 2000 rpm(6) 290 – 2000 rpm(9) 160 – 1820 rpm
spindle mountMK 2 / MT 2MK 2 / MT 2MK 2 / MT 2
quill stroke100 mm100 mm93 mm
drive capacity   
quill feedsno(4) 0,10; 0,14; 0,17; 0,25 mm/Rno
motor rating main drive0,75 kW0,75 kW1,1 kW
supply voltageas requiredas requiredas required
measures and weights   
height1050 mm1050 mm1050 mm
weight108 kg108 kg108 kg



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