Motorized Folding Machine

Motorized Folding Machine

Motorized Folding Machine

Easy handling – high bending length

massive, robust weldment construction with high rigidity
motor driven male die and bending bar
infinitely variable adjustment of bending angle
operation via foot switch

Motorized Folding MachineKMS 2020KMS 2520KMS 3020
working area   
working length2020 mm2520 mm3020 mm
bending capacity, structural steel1,5 mm1 mm1 mm
bending bar angle (range)0 – 135 °0 – 135 °0 – 135 °
top beam travel100 mm100 mm100 mm
drive capacity   
motor rating main drive0,75 kW0,75 kW0,75 kW
top beam motor0,37 kW0,37 kW0,37 kW
measures and weights   
overall dimensions2830x760x1410 mm3330x760x1410 mm3830x760x1450 mm
weight1050 kg1310 kg1630 kg


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