Sinus Precision Lathe

Sinus Precision Lathe

Sinus Precision Lathe


Precision Lathe with large center height and spindle bore of 105 mm, including 3-axis position indicator

removable bridge (320 mm) for machining of large parts with diameters up to 900 mm
high accuracy and low-noise operation even at high cutting power
heavy and large bed
hardened guideways (>HB 400)
large spindle capacity 105 mm for machining of long parts
manual central lubrication
multi-disk clutch for soft startup with heavy parts
automatic lubrication of headstock and main drive
protected leadscrew
overload protection for feed shaft and leadscrew
support moves in linear and cross direction via rapid feed

Precision LatheSinus 330Sinus 400
working area  
workpiece length (max.)1500 mm2000 mm3000 mm1500 mm2000 mm3000 mm
turning diameter over bed (max.)660 mm800 mm
turning diameter over support (max.)440 mm570 mm
turning diameter without gap bridge (max.)900 mm1035 mm
travel X-axis368 mm420 mm
travel Z1-axis230 mm230 mm
gap bridge length320 mm250 mm
bed width400 mm400 mm
swing range of top slide45 °90 °
spindle speed(16) 25 – 1600 rpm(16) 25 – 1600 rpm
spindle bore105 mm105 mm
spindle mountD1-8 / MK5D1-8
spindle taper MT 5
feed X-axis(25) 0,022 – 0,74 mm/R(25) 0,022 – 0,74 mm/R
feed Z-axis(25) 0,044 – 1,48 mm/R(25) 0,044 – 1,48 mm/R
rapid feed X-axis2000 mm/min2000 mm/min
rapid feed Z-axis4000 mm/min4000 mm/min
tapping, metric(54) 0,45-120 mm(54) 0,45 – 120 mm
tapping, diametric(42) 0,88-160 DP(42) 0,88 – 160 DP
tapping, module(46) 0,25 – 60 mm(46) 0,25 – 60 mm
tapping, whitworth(54) 0,44-80 GPZ(54) 7/16 – 80 GPZ
tailstock quill diameter90 mm90 mm
tailstock taperMT 5MT 5
tailstock quill stroke235 mm235 mm
tailstock traverse adjustment± 12,5 mm / ± 0,5″11 mm / 0,4″
drive capacity  
motor rating main drive7,5 kW7,5 kW
supply voltage400 V400 V
measures and weights  
overall dimensions3210x1230x1600mm


4707x1230x1595 mm



4740x1140x1910 mm

weight2700 kg2900 kg3300 kg3220 kg3505 kg3870 kg
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