VDL 800 – Vertical Lathe

VDL 800 – Vertical Lathe

VDL 800 - Vertical Lathe


Cost-effective Vertical Lathe for large turning diameters

massive headstock and heavy machine bed with wide boxways ensure maximum rigidity during heavy-duty machining
flat profile of headstock allows easy tooling and unloading of machine
optimized design for easy accessibility via crane and fork-lift
all guideways are protected effectively with solid covers
automatic feed on X and W axis, without thread-cutting
face plate chuck with individually clampable jaws, with a maximum clamping diameter of 800 mm
infinitely variable main spindle drive with powerful 7.5 kW motor and 2-step gears
without CE mark, only for export to countries outside the EU

VDL 800 – Vertical Lathe
working area 
rotating diameter (max.)800 mm
machining height (max.)500 mm
travel X1 axis, upper support500 mm
travel Z1 axis , upper support80 mm
traverse W travel vertical / steps500 mm
swivel range of upper tool holder360 °
workpiece length (max.)600 mm
workpiece weight (max.)600 kg
speed range(2) 0 – 160 rpm
rotary table diameter700 mm
feed speed X-axis5 – 123 mm/min
feed W-axis5 – 123 mm/min
tool holder20×50 mm
tool weight max.10 kg
drive capacity 
motor rating main drive7,5 kW
motor rating X-axis0,75 kW
motor rating Z0,75 kW
measures and weights 
overall dimensions1500x1500x2000 mm
weight1800 kg


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