UWF 1.1 – Universal Milling Machine

UWF 1.1 – Universal Milling Machine

UWF 1.1 - Universal Milling Machine


Solid design, stabile construction
for vertical and horizontal machining

heavy machine frame with wide, adjustable dovetail guides in all axes
stable universal milling head which can be rotated in two planes in almost every solid angle
automatic table feed X / Y-axis rapid traverse
height adjustment in the Z-direction

UWF 1.1 – Universal Milling Machine
working area 
travel X-axis600 mm
travel Y-axis270 mm
travel Z-axis380 mm
table set up area1120×260 mm
table load capacity (max.)250 kg
number of T-slots3 Pieces
T-slots, width14 mm
T-slots, spacing63 mm
rapid feed X-axis402 mm/min
rapid feed Y-axis402 mm/min
rapid feed Z-axis422 mm/min
feed speed X-axis(9) 24 – 402 mm/min
feed speed Y-axis(9) 24 – 402 mm/min
vertical milling head 
speed range45 – 1660 rpm
spindle mountISO 40
throat60 – 500 mm
vertical spindle-to-table surface distance100 – 480 mm
milling head swivel range360 °
drive capacity 
motor rating main drive2,2 kW
measures and weights 
overall dimensions1660x1500x1730 mm
weight1480 kg


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