Vertical Metal Band Saw

Vertical Metal Band Saw

Vertical Metal Band Saw

Vertical Metal Band Saws with Proven Solid Construction, including Band Saw Blade Welder

torsionally rigid steel construction
table tilts ±15° in all directions
increased cutting precision
functional and practical design
high-precision blade guides with carbide-tipped back-roller
blow-out feature results in improved cut control
replaceable plastic bandage
hand wheel for quick blade tension adjustments
blade welder with stress relief, saw-shears, grinding stone, chip box

Vertical Metal Band SawVB 300 VB 360VB 410VB 510VB 610
cutting capacities     
cutting capacity height x throat175×310 mm230×355 mm300×410 mm310×520 mm300×600 mm
cutting speed20 – 90 m/min20 – 90 m/min20-85 + 120-500 m/min20-85 + 120-500 m/min20-85 + 120-500 m/min
working area     
table dimensions500×400 mm500×400 mm600x500x1000 mm600x500x1000 mm600×500 / 280×500 mm
table-adjustment15 °15 °15 °15 °15 °
table height890 mm960 mm  1015 mm
drive capacity   
motor rating main drive0,4 kW0,75 kW1,5 kW1,5 kW1,5 kW
motor rating grinding0,09 kW0,09 kW0,09 kW0,09 kW0,09 kW
blade welder capacity2,4 kVA2,4 kVA2,4 kVA2,4 kVA2,4 kVA
supply voltage400 V400 V400 V400 V400 V
measures and weights     
blade length2520 mm2870 mm3365 mm3840 mm3950 mm
blade width3 – 16 mm3 – 16 mm3 – 16 mm3 – 16 mm3 – 16 mm
overall dimensions355x630x1560 mm360x690x1735 mm440x815x1900 mm700x1100x2000 mm700x1295x2000 mm
weight225 kg250 kg440 kg500 kg700 kg


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