VHF 3 – Universal Milling Machine

VHF 3 – Universal Milling Machine

VHF 3 - Universal Milling Machine


VHF 3 – Universal Milling Machine
working area 
travel X-axis750 mm
travel Y-axis280 mm
travel Z-axis430 mm
table set up area1320×320 mm
table load capacity (max.)300 kg
number of T-slots5 Pieces
T-slots, width14 mm
T-slots, spacing50 mm
rapid feed X-axis1024 mm/min
rapid feed Y-axis1024 mm/min
rapid feed Z-axis670 mm/min
feed speed X-axis(8) 20 – 360 mm/min
feed speed Y-axis(8) 20 – 360 mm/min
quill feeds(3) 0,08; 0,15; 0,25 mm/R
vertical milling head 
spindle speed (vertical)(8) 90 – 2000 rpm
spindle mount (vertical)SK 40
quill stroke120 mm
throat200 – 540 mm
spindle nose-to-table surface distance140 – 540 mm
head swivel range± 45°
horizontal milling head 
spindle speed (horizontal)(12) 38 – 1310 rpm
spindle mount (horizontal)SK 40
horizontal spindle-to-table surface distance50 – 450 mm
drive capacity 
motor rating horizontal spindle2,2 kW
motor rating vertical spindle2,2 kW
motor rating feed0,55 kW
motor rating coolant pump0,09 kW
measures and weights 
overall dimensions1710x1720x2330 mm
weight1800 kg


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