MagBend 1250 – Folding Machine

MagBend 1250 – Folding Machine

MagBend 1250 - Folding Machine

Versatile and user-friendly – with magnetic plate clamping

versatile and efficient with exchangeable top beams
easy to use magnetic clamp with a press force of 6 tons over the entire length
high accuracy and repeatability due to depth stops and folding angle stops with scales
includes extensive standard equipment for easy machining of deep containers and polygon tubes
top beams can be easily exchanged to produce many different bending shapes

MagBend 1250 – Folding Machine 
working area 
working length1250 mm
bending capacity St. 421,6 mm
bending bar angle (range)0 – 135 °
stop depth640 mm
clamping force6 t
measures and weights 
overall dimensions1320x920x930 mm
weight220 kg


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