How SANY 24 ton excavator makes a difference

How SANY 24 ton excavator makes a difference

Time:2018-12-31 Author:excellentmachinery

SANY 24 ton excavator belongs to medium-sized excavator and is specially developed for earthwork and mine construction. Built to create the maximum productivity and benefits for customers, the medium excavator is characterized by superior performance, long service life, low maintenance cost, strong applicability and ease of management.

How SANY 24 ton excavator makes a difference

Superior Performance

The Dynamic Optimized Matching Control System produces bigger digging force and achieves more coordinated operations among the engine, pump and valve, which reduces 10% of the fuel consumption without compromising on efficiency. Strong power and fluent operation make the machine reliable enough to handle the heavy-duty constructions in the mine.

Long Service Life

Built with high reliability and durability, the 24 ton excavator makes a breakthrough at extending the structural parts’ service life, which exceeds 10000 hours. The high-strength parts and structure make the machine robust enough to pass the severe test and work in the toughest working environment.

Low Maintenance Cost

With the strengthened parts and structure, the machine can work for consecutive hours with little breakdowns. And the advanced filtration system keeps the hydraulic oil clean and effective for long time, which doubles the maintenance period and reduces 50% of the maintenance cost.

Strong Applicability

The configuration of the 24 ton excavator can be deployed according to the customer’s demand and the working environment, such as the length of the bucket rod and the bucket capacity. What is more, the excavator can be equipped with versatile parts and attachments to handle various constructions, such as the bucket, breaker, hammer, hydraulic cutter, rippers and so on.

Ease of Management

The integrated covering structure and the enlarged operating space make the machine maintenance simpler and more convenient, thus reducing the downtime and improving working efficiency.

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