UWF 15 B – Universal Milling Machine

UWF 15 B – Universal Milling Machine

UWF 15 B - Universal Milling Machine


Servo drive X, Y, Z, and very large workspace (X 1500 mm and Y 650 mm)

total price including 3-axis position indicator assembled
extra large work table and large travel ranges on all axes
sturdy and torsionally rigid construction
universal swivel head – cutter can be moved to any spatial angle
infinitely variable feed speed and rapid feed with servo motor and axis control on all 3 axes
preloaded ball screw – zero-backlash – preloaded for easy and precise feeds
simultaneous axis movement
Turcite-B coated guides
dovetail guideways on X-axis
square guides on Y and Z axes
hardened and ground gears, nitrated
swiveling control panel, fully equipped with all operating elements
automatic lubricant supply
spindle brakes
equipment according to CE

UWF 15 B – Universal Milling Machine
working area 
travel X-axis1500 mm
travel Y-axis650 mm
travel Z-axis500 mm
table set up area2000×500 mm
table load capacity (max.)1800 kg
number of T-slots5 Pieces
T-slots, width18 mm
T-slots, spacing80 mm
rapid feed X-axis2200 mm/min
rapid feed Y-axis2200 mm/min
rapid feed Z-axis1100 mm/min
feed speed X-axis10 – 1000 mm/min
feed speed Y-axis10 – 1000 mm/min
feed speed Z-axis5 – 500 mm/min
vertical milling head 
spindle speed (vertical)(27) 30 – 2050 rpm
spindle mount (vertical)SK 50
throat60 – 760 mm
spindle nose-to-table surface distance80 – 530 mm
milling head swivel range360 °
drive capacity 
motor rating main drive7,5 kW
axes drive for each axisDC Servo
measures and weights 
overall dimensions2140x2986x1940 mm
weight5500 kg


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