SANY road rollers help you build great roads

SANY road rollers help you build great roads

Time:2018-12-31 Author:excellentmachinery

SANY is dedicated to research and develop high end fully hydraulic road rollers. After decades of development, it has become the industry leader and broke many world records. SANY road rollers have took part in the construction of many major projects including the most complex earth and rockfill dam, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the longest expressway in Algeria, Brazil World Cup and Olympic stadiums.

In 2016, SANY launched the eighth generation fully hydraulic single drum road rollers: SSR200AC-8 and SSR220AC-8 after overcoming many technical problems. SANY is going to return customers with competitive cost(request a quote), leading the upgrading of low end mechanical road roller market.

The new SSR200AC-8 and SSR220AC-8 road rollers can be used to compact any road layers such as sandy, half-clayed and clayed soil, stabilized base and gravel in construction of highways, airfield, railway, stadium, dam and other major projects.

The road rollers are equipped with 147 kW (197 hp) power engine to improve the gradeability and keep the fixed speed even in the high altitude area. Dynamic Systematic Thermal Conduction Control Technology ensures the roller to continuously operate in high temperature up to 46 degrees Celsius. The new dual frequency and double amplitude vibratory mode is adopted to generate more excitation force. The compaction performance is 15% higher compared with other brands. Rapid and convenient reversing generates higher working efficiency. The smooth compaction performance avoids starting compaction and indentation. Large volume pump delivery shortens the starting time of oscillation to only 3 seconds. Hydraulic transmission shortens transmission route and avoids starting shock Three-grade braking modes are made to ensure safety: travelling braking, parking breaking and emergency braking. Every operating position enjoys superb visibility with 1m×1m rear view. Automatic control of shifting and steering ensure easy maneuverability compared with mechanical roller. The wholly-enclosed operation cab features industry-leading anti-vibration technology and ergonomics design, making the noise lower than 84dB, creating a more comfortable and focused working environment for the operator. The postposition of main pump enables maintenance more convenient and easier. Without friction plates, it frees customer’s worry of maintenance.

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