Hydraulic Workshop Presses

Hydraulic Workshop Presses

Hydraulic Workshop Presses

Hydraulic Shop Press
with double-acting cylinder

ideal for repair and assembly work
truing of axles, supports, shafts and much more
for removal and pressfitting bearings and bushings
with motorized hydraulic drive
automatic piston return
2-step hydraulic unit
supply voltage 3×400 V / 50 Hz
horizontal piston adjustment
press frame features high rigidity, functionality and excellent finish

Hydraulic Workshop PressesKNWP 60 HMKNWP 100 HM KNWP 160 HMKNWP 200 HM
working area    
pressure force60 t100 t160 t200 t
operating pressure (max.)259 bar258 bar255 bar243 bar
stroke380 mm380 mm400 mm400 mm
forward motion speed8,69 mm/s7,54 mm/s7,48 mm/s5,73 mm/s
press speed2,07 mm/s2,47 mm/s2,4 mm/s1,84 mm/s
return speed10,79 mm/s9,06 mm/s9,35 mm/s7,08 mm/s
drive capacity    
motor rating hydraulic pump1,5 kW2,2 kW3 kW3 kW
measures and weights    
hydraulic tank volume30 l30 l30 l30 l
weight540 kg970 kg1195 kg1690 kg


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