Turret Lathe

Turret Lathe

Turret Lathe


High Productivity, Easy Handling
-the ideal option for series production

pneumtic collet chuck, up to 42 mm
rigid construction
powerful motor, 5.5 kW
infinitely adjustable speed across two gear steps
fine speed adjustments from 120 to 2000 rpm
a powerful drive motor (5.5 kW) provides plenty of power at all speed levels
automatic tool turret change-over and single-lever operation against adjustable end stops allow short machining times and maximum repeatability
when using bar feed system and cut-off attachment, auxiliary time is reduced to a minimum

Turret LatheHRD 42 PFHRD 60 PF
working area  
workpiece, round (max.)42 mm60 mm
workpiece, hexagonal (max.)36 mm51 mm
workpiece, square (max.)30 mm41 mm
travel turret slide150 mm150 mm
travel cut-off slide35 mm35 mm
travel axial slide90 mm90 mm
travel, cross slide100 mm100 mm
spindle speed(2) 120 – 2000 rpm(2) 120 – 2000 rpm
collet chuck mount diameter30, 42 mm / 1,2″, 1,65″42, 60 mm / 1,65″, 2,36″
drive capacity  
motor rating main drive5,5 kW5,5 kW
motor rating coolant pump0,1 kW0,1 kW
supply voltageas requiredas required
measures and weights  
overall dimensions1600x800x1600 mm1600x800x1600 mm
weight with bar feeder880 kg910 kg


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