SANY introduces SY16C 1.75ton excavator to the Australian market

SANY introduces SY16C 1.75ton excavator to the Australian market

Time:2018-12-31 Author:excellentmachinery

SANY released the SY16C 1.75ton zero-tail swing excavator which was redesigned for the Australian market. The compact design featuring the retractable undercarriage and deflectable boom allows the excavator to access job sites narrower than 1 meter and work flexibly in tight spaces.

SANY is the undisputed top excavator seller in China. Now with the new model, it is determined to explore the high-end mini excavator market in Australia.

“SANY is China’s leading excavator manufacturer, and has a wide range of products which are high-quality and robust. I believe it will have a very good performance in Australia,” customers in East Coast of Australia said.

The SY16C excavator is powered by Yanmar engine that is powerful and fuel-efficient. The SLSS-Load Sensitive Hydraulic System realizes perfect synergism between the engines and main pumps for enhanced work efficiency. In addition, the deflectable boom and auxiliary line adopt the full hydraulic control to achieve precise positioning and exceptional productivity. The mini excavator is equipped with multiple attachments for versatile applications. The ROPS/FOPS cabin ensures the optimum safety for operators.

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