What factors to look for when purchase a mini excavator

What factors to look for when purchase a mini excavator

Time:2018-12-31 Author:excellentmachinery

Mini excavators are small and lightweight, easy to transport on a truck with a heavy duty trailer. And the two salient features make compact excavators exceptional choices in some projects, and even outperform large construction machines. For instance, SANY SY16C Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) mini digger allows 360-degree rotations without the cab bumping against obstructions.

Mini excavators weigh from less than 4,000 pounds to 18,700 pounds. Apart from the size, some features are equally important for deciding which model to purchase.

Engine power & cab design

The degree of push generated at the wheels and arms is determined by the engine power of compact excavators. Apart from horsepower, the torque speed and number of cylinders are key indications of the engine power. As for the cab design, enclosed cab tends to be more popular than the open type because it protects operators from tough weather and flying debris at construction sites, creating more comfortable and favorable environment for the drivers.

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