Fully Automated Band Saw

Fully Automated Band Saw

Fully Automated Band Saw

Fully automated for continuous operation – proven reliability, convincing Price and Performance

saw frame and machine bed are made of premium cast-iron for torsion-free performance even under maximum loads
new helical gears ensure above-average service life and low maintenance
infinitely variable saw frame feed
large size hydraulic cylinder for constant quiet operation
automatic adjustment of cutting heigth
a bundle vise is provided for cutting entire material packs to length

Fully Automated Band SawABS 280 BABS 320 B
cutting capacities  
cutting capacity 90° (flat)250×280 mm320×200 mm
cutting capacity 90° (round)280 mm320 mm
cutting capacity 90° (square)270 mm300 mm
stop length500 mm500 mm
cutting speed20 – 100 m/min20 – 100 m/min
working area  
roller guide length1200 mm1200 mm
feed rollers4 Pieces6 Pieces
drive capacity  
motor rating main drive1,5 kW400 V
supply voltage400 V1,5 kW
motor rating hydraulic pump0,37 kW0,37 kW
motor rating feed0,25 kW0,25 kW
motor rating coolant pump0,12 kW0,12 kW
measures and weights  
belt dimensions27×0,9×3400 mm27×0,9×3660 mm
overall dimensions1800x850x1200 mm1850x850x1250 mm
weight600 kg660 kg


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